Gold-N-Glaze was started in 1938 by the Russel Family. Shortly after opening, World War II broke out, and the family had to stop making donuts because they couldn’t get enough sugar due to rationing. Instead, they began making potato chips. After a few years, some high ranking officials from the Air Guard approached the Russel family about once again making donuts. Gold-N-Glaze was famous around the base and the Air Guard Officials were eager to strike a deal with the Russels. The officials promised to procure the sugar they needed if they would start making donuts again. The Russels sold the chip-making equipment to a family in Kansas City (that ended up starting Guys Potato Chips!) and returned to their original business of making donuts. This time they even made their own flour! Their popularity started to grow and at one point they were making and delivering around 48,000 donuts every day! One of the family members even started a Gold-N-Glaze on a Military Base in Honduras.

Eventually, Gold-N-Glaze was sold to the Sewel family and then again to Kendall Randolph. Throughout all the changes in ownership, Gold-N-Glaze still remains in the same building where it started in 1938. When Mr. Randolph purchased Gold-N-Glaze, the building received a facelift, but the recipes and techniques remained untouched.

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